Three Common Elements Of Website Design

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The three most important elements of website design are the site map, navigation, and a clear message. These are the fundamental building blocks of any website and you cannot build a website without any one of them. Each one has its own importance and it plays a very crucial role in the overall success of your site. However, these three terms can be very hard to understand as everyone is used to what they mean. So this article will attempt to explain the importance of each element in more detail to hopefully help you understand them better.

The importance of sitemap

The site map is essentially a graphical representation of the website which usually consists of a tree diagram showing all the pages of the site. Each page of the site has a link to the parent page. Pages themselves generally consist of one HTML page and a number of CSS files. The site map is used as a means of representing the website in a more friendly format to web browsers so they can easily understand it.

How The Navigation Bar Is Critical To A Good Design

The navigation bar is the area where links to the rest of the pages of the website are found. This is usually a pull-down menu that lists down all the pages of the website. It is usually underlined or displayed with text. Some navigation bars also display the latest information such as the time or date. Other navigation bars display the most popular content, like the most recent news or a shopping list. Navigation can be used to link from one page to another or just to navigate quickly around the website.

Another element used frequently in web design is the site map. A site map is a visual representation of the entire site structure which typically shows every page from top to bottom. Each page is represented by a different color and most web browsers display the page title in a different color to indicate which is which. There are other ways to use the navigation within the site map such as a menu bar or a search box.

Content Is King

Content is the interesting part of a website. It is the “meat” of the site which allows the visitor to more fully explore your site and determine if they wish to return or leave. This is often the most valuable content of all. It is also often the most difficult to develop as the most successful websites have excellent, creative content that is written for visitors to read.

There is also the back link. A back link is a hyperlink leading back to a specific web page from a different website. Very few web sites have a single page that contains all their content. Therefore, it is important to make sure that any back links are related to the topic of the web site. This is why creating quality content is important.

These are the most common elements that are found in the design of a website. However, there are many other smaller components that are just as important. While these are the main topics that you should pay close attention to, there are some sub-topics that should also be considered. For example, how does the navigation on the site work, and what kind of graphics and pictures are used. These are very easy items to ignore, but they can make or break a web site.

The most important thing that you can do to ensure your success is to spend time making sure your web site is both easy to navigate and has enough content to interest visitors. The more interesting the pages, the more likely people will return later. You should also make sure that the site is easy to use so that people can figure out the basics of navigating the site without too much trouble. Finally, spend time looking at the different graphic designs to be able to choose one that best suits the overall look and feel of the web site. Your graphics should match the theme of the site and not look out of place.

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